Re: source dependencies cleanup? (fwd)

Matthias Urlichs (
7 Dec 1996 01:15:48 +0100

In, article <9612050407.AA29548@scooter>,
Jim Nance <> writes:
> > This all works out perfectly well. Well... almost. The big advantage of the
> > latter is that you scan b.h only once; gcc scans it twice. The big
> > disadvantage is that you can't keep your kernel sources on a readonly
> > partition.
> Well you can't put the kernel sources on a ro partition anyway because
> the .o files have to go into the directories with the .c files. This

Wrong. You can just cp --rec --sym /cdrom/src/linux /usr/src/linux to
create a read-write /usr/src/linux with a heap of symlinks in them which
point to the CD-ROM.

This used to work... but the mkdep step was a whole lot slower.
Whatever. I've since switched to keeping all my sources under a CVS tree,
anyway. :-/

> Rules.make file it was my intention to fix this. Unfortunatly having
> a child consumed much more of my time than I though it would, so I have

I do know about _that_ problem. :-/

Anyway, your scheme _is_ used by others, most notably by the GNU libc.

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