Gary Schrock (
Fri, 06 Dec 1996 13:28:36 -0500

I was looking through this file while trying to figure out how to do some
of the pci configuration stuff for a non-linux project and happened to
notice that the pci video card I'm messing with isn't in the list of pci
devices here. However, doing a search through the sources for some of the
other tseng cards didn't turn up any reference to them elsewhere in the
kernel sources.

So, I'm left with this question. Should I submit a patch to add this card
to the list? If so, am I completely missing someplace else in the kernel
sources that's going to break if I do add it? If not, is there some reason
that a list is being kept in the first place anyways? Oh, and of course,
the big one, who should the patch get sent to for this code (the
maintainers file doesn't seem to list anyone responsible for this area, so
I'm guessing Linus himself?).

Yes, I know I sound like a clueless idiot here, so bear with me.

Gary Schrock