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Fri, 06 Dec 1996 15:06:47 +1000

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I forward the article from news group.
Check below.
Is this true?

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Re: Sybase for Linux? ( (Scott Gray), 0:29)

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Ram Kalapatapu <> wrote:
>Does anybody know of an important contact at Sybase I can talk to about
>a port of Sybase SQL Server to Linux? I think Sybase is loosing an
>important business oppurtunity by ignoring the second most popular
>flavor of UNIX. I would also like to hear from fellow netters about their
>views on Linux as a dataserver platform especially in light of the
>significant changes in 2.x version of the kernel.

Unfortunately, from my understanding of the recent Linux kernel, there
are several features missing in order to make Linux a viable platform
for SQL Server, the largest being the lack of async i/o, raw partition
devices, and locking shared memory. None of these are required in order
to get SQL Server to run, however they are required to get anything
resembling descent performance and reliability on the platform.