Re: PNP patch into kernel when?

Aaron M. Ucko (
05 Dec 1996 19:39:31 -0500

Marco Mariani <> writes:

> It is planned to support PNP monitors? They can tell the supported
> frequency, which could be obtained by XFree from the /proc filesystem.
> Would be nice. Today I can't switch displays without changing XF86Config.

The name "PNP monitor" is misleading; monitors have nothing to do with
resource allocation. A better term would be "monitor supporting the
display data channel (DDC)." The GGI (general graphics interface)
developers have discussed adding DDC support, and will add it soon if
they haven't already. GGI is still in alpha, but already has an X
server, which will eventually become an alternative to XFree86. For
more information about GGI, see

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