Re: 64 Bit?

H. Peter Anvin (
5 Dec 1996 13:12:11 GMT

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By author: Michael Ballbach <>
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> This is a fairly simple question, could someone tell me about the 64 bit
> capabilities of linux? I set up a pentium 133 with slackware, and am
> running the 2.1.14 kernel. I have 16 meg of ram, with 16 more coming, a
> gig hd, and a jaz drive. Anyhow, I was intriged when I saw something about
> linux and 64 bit, so I thought I'd ask. Hope this is ok for this list.

Well, it's not (rather it belongs in comp.os.linux.misc or possibly
comp.os.linux.development.system), but I'll answer anyway:

Linux is 64 bits on the Alpha, and only on the Alpha, since it is the
only 64-bit architecture supported. MIPS and SPARC have recent 64-bit
extensions, but I am fairly certain they are only supported in 32-bit
mode. The i386 is inherently a 32-bit architecture (with 16-bit
compatibility) and will not support any 64-bitness.


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