Re: Which of the latest 2.0.x-versions is stable? None with NFS?

Manuel Eduardo Correia (
Thu, 05 Dec 1996 13:08:25 +0000

> > So I think it's the NFS support in the kernel, not amd. I thought as much
> > anyway - even if amd was completely screwed, it shouldn't bring the entire
> > machine grinding to a halt if the kernel's sound.
> >
> > Is anyone looking into this problem?
> Make amd and the mount use a 1K block size then tell me if you can reproduce
> the hang

I have this same problem when using 8k blocks... The machine just hangs when
it tries to access a big file exported from a Linux NFS server... If the
mount is done using 1k blocks then it works but is veeeeerrrryyyy
sssslllloooow !! 8-(...


PS- Another interesting thing is that the Hang only happens when mounting
files from Linux NFS servers... It works nicely with 8k blocks if the files
are mounted from a Solaris machine !!!