[Q] Portability?

Yong-Woon Kim (qkim@pec.etri.re.kr)
Thu, 05 Dec 1996 16:59:49 +0900

We are planning to develope a prototype of a protocol based
on Linux IPv6 and to port it to the FreeBSD environment
or vice versa.

It will be done at the user level.

Linux --> FreeBSD or FreeBSD --> Linux
Is its portability easy?

then it will carried out at the kernel level.

Linux --> FreeBSD or FreeBSD --> Linux
is its portability easy?

I have little experience on such things. I need some expers'

Another question:
I want to make an IPv6 island with Linux on my system.
Does Linux IPv6 support for the interoperability with other
IPv6 hosts?

Thanks a lot for lots of volunteers.
My best regards,

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