Re: recover deleted files?

Miguel de Icaza (
04 Dec 1996 20:26:29 -0600

> Does anyone know how I would go about recovering some deleted files??
> Everything I have been told seems to indicate that it _should_ be
> possible (with lots of work) but nothing says how exactly to go about
> doing this. I have left the partition mounted read only since soon after
> having screwed up. (a MB or two did get copied to the partition before I
> realized what had happened). Partial recovery is much better then
> nothing at all.
> Using the "lsdel" command in debugfs, you can get a list of recently
> deleted files on the filesystem. Using the "modify_inode" command
> (which granted is not very convenient if you want to undelete a lot of
> files), you can set the links_count field to 1, and then run e2fsck to
> recover the filesystem.

The Midnight Commander includes the same code found on debugfs to
extract the list of deleted files and to copy the contents to another
place. With the quick viewer feature and the browser handy you can
quickly find out which files you want to recover.

You can get it from:
Unfortunatelly, the rpm as shipped with Colgate 4.0 does not come with
the undelete code as a default option, but their devel rpm has it


Linux/SPARC project: