Re: Linux and Dialogic
Wed, 4 Dec 1996 13:10:38 -0300

I was wondering if anyone had any drivers for dialogic boards for

If not, is there any interest in such drivers (besides myself of

I would really like to find some if there are, and if not, I
might be interested in working with some others to help create
them. Any pointers on this are greatly apprecated.


I'm interested. I've been working with Dialogic Trunk Boards (DTI212
and D320), fax, voice recognition, DMX and D41 (4 analog lines), at
a high level, under SCO and Sun's Interactive Unix. I know some
people (the low level developers who supplied our systems) who were
interested in writing drivers for Linux. Their main problem was that
Dialogic wouldn't disclose the specs for the cards. So you would
have to do some reverse engineering. You have to find out how to
upload the firmware to the cards, and how to interact with it.
I've been told that something like the streams mechanism would also
be helpful in writing drivers for these boards, although not strictly

I work for a phone company with 3 million subscibers and over 600
Dialogic ports. Here at work I have a P90 running Linux 2.0.27 with
a useless and forgotten D41 board inside, from the days when it ran
Interactive, I would like to give it some use.

I suggest you to contact Ivan Arce (,
he's the main programmer for a small company selling IVR systems
and other computer and telephony stuff in Latin America.

I think that the main cause of the absence of Linux drivers is the
high price of the boards. If you pay many times the price of your
PC for them, you certainly can afford a single user SCO license :-(

But I think it would be good for Linux to be able to support
telephony applications. I would be glad to see that.

Regards, Diego.

Ing. Diego M. Basch (
Telecom Argentina