Re: PNP patch into kernel when?

Uwe Bonnes (
Wed, 4 Dec 1996 00:39:06 +0100


you ("Andrew E. Mileski" <>) wrote:
> ...
> The difference is of course that we are free to fool around with
> symbols that are internal to the kernel. We don't have this luxury
> with malloc(). The changes in the PnP kernel patch do not affect
> anything other than the kernel source.
> With this being so, there is a good reason to do the changes, and
> no good reason not to do them :-)

There are at least some kernel level drivers around that didn't find their
way into the kernel. All these must be mantained too :-(

Can we do it like that:
Introduce the new symbols. Make the old symbols some macros to call the new
code the way we like it. Request everybody to use the new symbols. Introduce
with 2.3 some warning message for the macros. Perhaps introduce some error
message with 2.5 and reject the module. And with 2.7 we could delete the

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