Re: GB vs. MB

Drago Goricanec (
Wed, 04 Dec 1996 00:16:16 +0900

Oh, come on! What difference does it make whether we call 4100000 bytes
4.1 MB (10^6) or 3.91 MB (2^20)? It's still 4100000 bytes. Perhaps
it's unfortunate that MB means two different things and the meaning
depends on the context. But who really cares! It's only a bootup
message, which doesn't impact operation of the system. I personally
think this one thing should be at the whim and discretion of the person
who added the message. There should be some artistic licence left in
programming, otherwise it becomes a boring chore.

So let this thread die.

(BTW, for the bean counters, I prefer the status quo.)