Re: Intel EtherExpress Pro (making it work)

James W. Laferriere (
Mon, 2 Dec 1996 23:33:51 -0800 (PST)

Hello Vermont, I to have been attempting to put the
eepro100 into the Kernel. In my wanderings I have found
that the driver lacks the eepro100_probe() call for use
at kernel load time. I am attempting to put together
an eepro100_probe() call for the driver, using the
tulip_probe() call as an example.

Don't be too expectant as I'm not very good at this,
But I'll make a good attempt at it. It will do me
good to try ....


On Mon, 2 Dec 1996, Illuminati Primus wrote:
> Hello all, and thanks in advance to anyone who can help me..
> At work nearly all of the machines come with Intel EtherExpress Pro PCI
> ethernet cards (with an 82557 chip), and even though a few coworkers told
> me that the only way to get on the network with linux would be to buy a
> different card (buy?!), I managed to find a link to an EEPro driver through
> the Ethernet HOWTO.. (
> So now, after putting eepro100.c in /usr/src/linux/drivers/net, and doing
> one little modification to the makefile in that directory (to compile and
> link the eepro100 object), I attempted to compile EEPro support into a
> 2.1.6 kernel on a coworker's machine... It seemed too easy.. and sure
> enough, no notice of any ethernet device comes up during bootup, and it
> doesnt show up in /proc/devices... However, in /proc/pci it shows the
> card, waiting for me to take advantage of it.. If I only knew how...
> I did try specifying ether=0,0,eth0 AND ether=9,0xfce0,eth0 as a lilo boot
> option, even though a howto says that PCI devices obtain their
> interrupts and IOs automagically (I got the numbers I'm using from
> /proc/pci). I tried it anyway, and still nothing happened... No notice of
> eth0 during bootup at all.
> I'm sure I'm missing something that I should have done, so please someone
> point it out to me.. I will be very appreciative (its probably something
> extra I have to do to turn on the EEPro driver during the kernel compile..
> (something like that?)). I know that the instructions in the eepro100.c
> source code say to compile it as a module, but since the only >=1.3.4x
> kernel source code (what the driver needs) available to me was 2.1.6, and
> since all I have at the moment is the basic Slackware 3.0 installation,
> inserting modules into a 2.1.6 kernel (without the EEPro driver inside of
> course) doesnt seem to work, returning an error code...
> I would gladly upgrade my module package and everything else if I could
> get on the network :)... Kind of an chicken & egg problem..
> Thanks again,
> -Vermont Rutherfoord
> Of course, speaking only for myself and whatever

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