Re: RFC: Modified FAT filesystem driver?

Mike Bristow (
2 Dec 1996 19:40:58 GMT

In article <>,
Albert Cahalan <> writes:
>Note that the Windows 95 installer does not modify /etc/fstab!
>If Linux would autodetect the filesystem subtype, then there
>would be no need to modify /etc/fstab. Oh, let's try to not
>torture newbies too much. Expecting a newbie to modify /etc/fstab
>after a Windows upgrade is like expecting them to hack the registry.

Not really.
The registry is a binary file that contains lots and lots of
/etc/fstab is a text file that is readable by humans, and contains a
small set of information. It's also documented (man 5 fstab will
provide information - if the newbie installed the manual pages from
whatever distribution they used)

While I like the idea of automagically mounting msdos/vfat as
appropriate I'm not sure it's easily to do well enough.

By well enough I mean solving more problems than it causes.

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