Re: RFC: Modified FAT filesystem driver?

Robert Nichols (
Sat, 30 Nov 1996 00:54:04 GMT

In article <57noir$>,
Marc MERLIN <> wrote:
:In article <>,
:Albert Cahalan <> wrote:
:>I think you can always find a long filename in win*/desktop,
:>or whatever they call it.
:My point is just that this kind of autodection would have _many_ reasons to
:fail. For many people, a mount option would be the only reliable option.

Exactly. There is no requirement that a VFAT file system actually
contain any files with long names. What would happen if you were to
'rm' the last long-named file from the file system and unmount it? When
you mounted it again would you want it to come back as FAT instead of
VFAT (and now you can't re-create the file that you just deleted)?

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