Re: PPP-Problem?! A short question...

Matthias Welwarsky (
Sun, 01 Dec 1996 20:04:48 +0100

Tuomas Heino wrote:

> netscape does that sometimes on _SLOW_ connections... you might have
> wrong MTU or something... (common values for MTU are 296, 1006 and
> 1500(default))

This is not a netscape issue, I`d say. Seems more likely to be a
congested router dropping frames. Since TCP/IP is an end-to-end
protocol, all handshaking about flow control is done between the two
peer partners. It's difficult to decide whether the frames got dropped
due to congestion or were lost on a noisy line, and if your decision is
wrong, the actions you take against it are likely to make things worse

Try decreasing the MTU setting, but don't go below 296. Try decreasing
the number of simultaneous connections in netscapes' "Options/Network

BTW this is a bit off topic in the linux-kernel list ,-)