Re: Redux: Getting >16MB on Compaqs

Vampy (
Sun, 1 Dec 1996 17:23:08 -0500 (EST)

I have my linux running on a compaq computer with 48M of mem. I used to
have problem detecting the mem above 16M. Add "append="MEM=48M"" to my
lilo solve the problem. Did you re-run lilo after you have changed the
lilo.conf? It could be the problem if you did not re-run lilo after
the config had been change. Good Luck!!!

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On Sun, 1 Dec 1996, Bhaskar Manda wrote:

> wrote:
> >On Sat, 26 Oct 1996, Michel LESPINASSE wrote:
> >> On Sat, 26 Oct 1996, Jari Soderholm wrote:
> >>> > Machine has 32 meg RAM but poor Linux for some reason
> >> > thinks that there is only 16 MB.
> >> This is a known problem, some bioses never report more than 16M of
> >>memory.
> >> They do this to be compatible with some poorly written 80286 programs
> >:-/
> >> There is two short-term solutions :
> >> * add a line in your /etc/lilo.conf, that states :
> >> append="mem=32M"
> >> * or, get
> >Third short term solution:
> >Some compaq bios's have an option to tell the real amount of memory
> >present, and if not, you can get a utility from compaq if you can't do
> >this.
> I have tried the first two solutions, linux still crashes. I have 20MB
> on a Compaq LTE Lite 4/25E. Normally Linux sees 16256k, when I use the
> patch mentioned above, Linux sees 16384k, but crashes. I don't know if
> it's a memory hole problem because the person who suggested that said
> that the hole is below 16MB, and linux can see and use upto 16MB without
> problems.
> I was wondering if anyone had any other things to try, or if the memory
> detection is going to change to something like that which DOS uses, or if
> anyone has gotten the utility that makes the BIOS report the entire memory
> (my BIOS setup doesn't have an option to set this up).
> Thanks,
> -bhaskar