Re: linux-kernel-digest V1 #636

Trevor Johnson (
Sun, 1 Dec 1996 13:49:44 -0801 (PST)

> I went to compile kernel 2.1.14 and as I compiled the modules and it hit
> the bsd_comp module (for ppp) it said something about not having a rule
> for netprotocol.h (Included as "linux/netprotocol.h") needed for bsd_comp.o,

I get the same thing. The file is missing.

make[2]: *** No rule to make target
`/usr/src/linux/include/linux/netprotocol.h', needed by `bsd_comp.o'.
make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux/drivers/net'
make[1]: *** [modules] Error 2

# ls -l /usr/src/linux/include/linux/netprotocol.h
/bin/ls: /usr/src/linux/include/linux/netprotocol.h: No such file or
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