Re: IPv6 and the "average user"

Mike Bird (
Sat, 30 Nov 1996 06:34:34 GMT (Alan Cox) wrote:
>The killer isnt just routing tables. The killer is lookup time. Cisco stuff
>is supposed to flake out at about 40,000 routes from figures people have
>quoted. Hence the fact sprint and folks won't route smaller than a /19 and
>keep making noises abou going to /17.

>I would imagine some other kit can do better some worse, nevertheless trying
>to look up destinations from 40,000 choices at 100Mbits/second on 10 network
>ports, while recomputing the routing tables is NOT a trivial problem.

What am I missing here? Won't a 16MB lookup table (costing about
$100) handle the job all the way down to /24? Recomputing the routing
tables is non-trivial but it can happen in the background without
holding up packet routing. I wouldn't want this in my 16MB Linux box,
but why wouldn't it work for backbone routers?