Re: new NTP/PPS patch available

Theodore Y. Ts'o (
Fri, 29 Nov 1996 16:27:59 -0500

From: "Ulrich Windl" <>
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 08:30:26 +0100

I also updated the serial driver to make Ted sleep again (he was
worried a lot about calling do_gettimeoffset() from within the serial
interrupt routine). I still call do_gettimeoffset() from within
interrupt, but only if PPS detection is enabled on the corresponding
port, and the reason for the interrupt was a PPS pulse. I hope that
Ted is satisfied.

Note that I am continuing to do work on the serial driver in the 2.1
release. There have been many changes made recently to improve the
serial driver's POSIX compatibility, and so any changes you are making
to the 2.0 driver will likely not apply to the 2.1 serial driver.

I still maintain that the serial driver is the wrong places to be
calling do_gettimeoffset(). The right place to do this would be in the
interrupt handling routines, if the interrupt handler was registered
with the appropriate flag.

- Ted