Support for mounting MacOS partitions?

Allan Fields (
Fri, 29 Nov 1996 21:20:12 -0500

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As of current has anyone developed or started to develop a fs for Linux in
any of the ports besides the mac 68k port, that would support the mounting
of MacOS volumes on SCSI devices? (The type of support I am looking for is
the type that the vfat fs offers.) If not, is there any source that could
be dug-up in other ports (maybe the mac 68k port?) that could be adapted to
fit this purpose? If there was, depending on how complicated a process it
is to develop a fs, I may be interested in doing some work on this.
However, I don't have an advanced knowledge of C programming structure,
although I am progressing considerably from when I had originally been
experimenting with it. Is this too big a project for me to take on at this
point of time? If so, is there anyone else that could take on this project?

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