Re: Good News Linux Novell

Chai Harjo (
Sat, 30 Nov 1996 10:14:20 +1100

Elliot Lee wrote:
> NDS is free?
> - Novell won't publish any specifications. All the details are
> secret.
> - To get NDS source you have to be a very big company (i.e. IBM,
> Microsoft, Sun) and sign all sorts of license agreements.
> - There are also the issues of licensing RSA.
> The headlines ought to read "Novell to pull of publicity stunt by calling
> NDS free". I know. I've tried to get the info.
> I do believe Caldera has another licensing agreement with Novell that
> lets them use NDS (not related to this "free" licensing agreement), so
> they may the most immediate source of NDS compatibility for Linux.
> I'm working (in my copious spare time :) on porting ISODE 8.0 and LDAP to
> Linux - hopefully these should be at least a start in the right direction.
> Since they are both truly free, I think they're a lot better. They are
> also published Internet standards (or at least, LDAP is approaching that
> point - ISODE's just a development library and not really a standard).
> Hope this helps,
> -- Elliot

That's is not a good news. FREE but NOT ABSOLUTELY FREE :(
It is a very deceptive news.
I think Linux is a very big company too, it belongs to the
Internet community :)
Novell should consider that again.

Your effort to port ISODE 8.0 and LDAP is very good.