CD-ROM drive locked?

Chris Saia (
Thu, 28 Nov 1996 12:11:20 -0500 (EST)

With recent kernels I've been having difficulty with my IDE CD-ROM drive door
staying locked, even with a push of the eject button. I'm not aware of any
software to open the drive door, and forcing the drive door open manually with
the "emergency release" lever, inserting a CD, and closing the door manually,
doesn't read a CD... the drive doesn't even acknowledge a CD has been inserted.

I am using kernel version 2.1.13, libc 5.4.13, and the code is in the kernel,
not compiled as a module. Also, this is an ACER 6x CD-ROM on an on-board IDE
controller with a Triton I chipset (Intel 430fx).

I first noticed the problem back in kernel 2.1.10, but it may have existed
before 2.1.10, as I don't use my CD-ROM drive regularly. Any help members of
this list can provide (in the form of patches or additional software) would
be greatly appreciated.

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