Re: Union file system

. Tethys (
Thu, 28 Nov 1996 12:46:18 +0000

>> > Won't cut it. We're talking about a system that would allow you to eg.
>> > mount a CD-ROM drive and then mount another filesystem "over" that, so
>> > that if you write to the file system, the CD-ROM files are hidden behind
>> > the new files on the writable media. Would be rather handy in some cases...
>> Sounds like IFS. Im not sure what happened to IFS however.
>The SunOS version died in Solaris to b partly resurrected as the cache fs
>(I think - I don't have a SUn handy to check).

Apparently, the translucent file system didn't make the move from SunOS
to Solaris because it failed to meet their C2 security requirements.
Does anyone know what the security problems are, and if Linux would
suffer from the same thing?


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