Re: DMA buffer size.
Thu, 28 Nov 1996 13:09:57 +0530 (IST)

Peter Enderborg <> wrote:

> but it migth be a bug in xquake. The sound is a few seconds behind
> when I have the kernel configured for 64k sound DMA buffer.
> (On my SB16) Not so funny, and makes Win95 shine over linux.
> :-( But with 8K kernel buffer, it perfect. :-) And linux
> shines over M$. (Pentum 120 and 2.1.13)

I've never seen quake, but I had a similar problem when I wrote a simple
audio server. I had a 64k buffer, and if the server pumped out data at
8kb/s, 8 seconds of sound would be buffered. So any change in the location
of the audio sources would lag by 8 seconds. There's a SOUND_PCM_SUBDIVIDE
ioctl which lets you use a smaller buffer, but it didn't work - there was
still an 8 second lag. So I reduced buffer size and it worked :)
This was on a 486/33MHz/8MB running SCO 3.2.1, Voxware 3.0.1-950812
with an SB16.

-- ganesh