Re: Union file system

Kevin Lentin (
Thu, 28 Nov 1996 13:07:58 +1100 (EST)

Eric Hoeltzel Wrote ...
> I heard something about a "translucent" file system once. Like you
> could mount a cdrom and a hard disk partition at the same mount
> point. Then when you untar a file on the cdrom it is written to
> the disk partition. I suppose there would be other uses too. Was
> this fantasy or is this actually being done somewhere?

The automounter program 'amd' has the ability to do this using NFS in cute
ways. I tried once to make it work but for the life of me could not
understand the config file.

'amd' allows you to automount multiple directories at the same place. I
think it writes to the last one listed and reads in reverse order. Or you
can configure it. It will also allow you to mount a filesystem over part of
another one.

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