Re: GB vs. MB

Stephen Costaras (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 17:51:57 -0600 (CST)

> From: Kai Schulte <>
> I would like to see the drives sold with MB=2^20.
> Since that is not so and nothing will change that,
> I would at least like Linux to agree with the drive label.
> It does not really matter if the drive companies decide
> that a MB will be 937201 bytes. I'll buy "more" disk then.
> Most of all, I'd like everything to agree.
> The traditional MB is also hard to deal with unless you
> write everything in hex. How many GB is 1900000000 bytes?
> It is obviously 1.9 cheap GB, but it is 1.77 traditional GB.
> I do not wish to do that calculation ever.
> This is 1996, and a disk MB is 10^6, like it or not.
> Linux should be compatible with the rest of the world.

I disagree, Linux should have the correct sizes for MB/GB/TB, et al.
Just because disk manufacturers label something wrong, and that
becomes pervasive in the industry DOES NOT make it correct.
It follows the same old saying, If everyone else jumps off a cliff,
why should we follow. Don't be a lemming. ;)