Re: Sudden strangeness in 2.1.3

Mike Wangsmo (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 16:10:50 -0700 (MST)

On Wed, 27 Nov 1996, Nathan Bryant wrote:

> Sometimes when Netscape is running a Java program it will spin and chew up
> all your CPU time. This is a flaw in Netscape, not Linux.
> Your problem may be something else, though.

I was not using any java stuff in Netscape as far as I can remember,
although I can not swear to that as java is getting embedded in all sorts
of stuff anymore. I'm pretty sure it had _something_ to do with 2.1.13.
I haven't ever had anything like that happen before and the only change I
have made to my system in the last week or so was the patch for 2.1.12
and 2.1.13. It was really weird because the load average never got much
above 1, but the whole system just began to crawl. Isthere anyother logs
beside /var/log/messages I should look at to maybe get a clue as to what
was going on?


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