Re: GB vs. MB

. Tethys (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 17:34:18 +0000

>> People expect a disk MB to be 10^6 now, so maybe Linux should
>> do what people expect. With 2^20, it looks like Linux makes
>> disks get smaller.
>I disagree. While the suits can lie to their sheep-like customers to gain
>market share, hackers don't want inflated numbers; we want the truth.

I just thought I'd add my vote of support here. If we're reporting sizes
in MB then we should be using 2^20. Anything else is just plain wrong,
and is misleading to most of us hackers. You could argue the case that
Linux should be trying to appeal to the mainstream, and shouldn't be so
"hackerish". Personally, though, I don't think being wrong about something
is a good idea, even if it might appeal to the uneducated masses.

>Whether it be "17 monitors" that are only 15.5 inches, "250 MB

Horror story of the week: I recently bought a 15" monitor one behalf of
a friend, which turned out to have a 13.8" (!) viewable area when it
arrived. The guy I bought it for was happy enough with it, though. Had
it been mine, it would have gone straight back by return of post!


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