2.0.24 odd socket behavior?

Mark Johnson (octopus@zipcon.net)
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 08:00:23 -0800 (PST)

It seems like I've been having some problems with sockets closing
prematurely on me, or just odd behavior. It also seemed to happen in
2.0.14. I've been running 2.0.24 since it came out now, and its been
very nice, otherwise.

Unfortunately I'm not much of a kernel hacker, but I enjoy reading about
it and learning. Is there some easy way I can possibly modify the kernel
that may help this situation? Here is a description of what is happening
(sim is the hostname):

> The way it goes is, if you lag for more than a few seconds, sim notices
> this and stops sending you data.. however, when you unlag, sim is *very*
> slow to notice. You can send data, and other people can see you're
> sending it, but you don't get anything back. A large Send-Q then builds
> up and when sim sees this it drops your connection and kills you.
> This happens mainly with connections to the talker, but I've found it to
> happen with some telnetd logins too.

I've had this problem with 'talk' connections also. The connections don't
get dropped, but for some reason local text entered doesn't get echoed to
the screen at times. A carriage return seems to flush some buffer, so
each line is displayed after it is fully entered and carriage return is
pressed. I tried newer and older talk clients/servers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!