Re: i386-ELF-xquake-1.06 (was Re: Strange 2.1.11 bug)

. Tethys (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 09:52:29 +0000

>>anyone know if they will ever get this thing to run on > 8bit displays?
>>kinda sux booting X in 256 color mode just to play quake..
>Hm, usually, I switch to the next available VC and start a second X
>session with 8bpp (only for running xquake :) ).

How do you do this? I've always thought it should be possible, but
whenever I've tried, I've got errors saying that there is already
and X server running. Any ideas (this is XFree86 on Intel, BTW). I
haven't yet tried it on Sparc -- not enough time at work :-(


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