Re: kernel 2.0.26

Neil Moore (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 00:19:54 -0500

> The switch to 26 was a big improvement. Compiled without problems and
> works great.
> The only thing is 3 warnings at boot time:
> Can't locate modules LP, SLIP, PPP
> Even though I did not include these on the config. I only included the
> dummy module

Try looking through the files in /etc/rc.d/ for reference to these.
Also, try running depmod -a

> My setup is slakware96 on a Pentium, aha2940, ide, ne2000
> Another question - Although this may be more related to the slakware96
> distribution that I used
> On some apps - line inn, I get ME cant open /dev/null Permission denied
> the /dev/null has the following permissions:
> crw-r--r-- 1 root root 1, 3 Jul 17 1994 null
> are these right ?

chmod +w /dev/null. It should be crw-rw-rw- -- it is standard to
redirect output from a program to /dev/null when you don't want
that output.

I would try the comp.os.linux.setup and comp.os.linux.misc newsgroups
for these kinds of questions. You can also email me if you don't have
a USENET connection.

-Neil Moore
(finger amethyst@ for my geek code)