Ether Express

Tue, 26 Nov 1996 14:23:12 -0800

Dear Brent Glines

Checking the log will give you some help!
What does system log file '/var/adm/messages' say?
Is there any invalide address message in the log?
If this is the case then you can modify the driver.
I had to change $SRC/drivers/net/eexpress.c to have mine working. Their
driver expected to have a certain range of
addresses which my card's address was not in. So I commented
out the address validation section in the code and it works OK.
I have Compaq LTE Lite 4/25 portable and I believe that Compaq OEMd it
from Ether Express. Actually the manual does not say
that it's Ether Express but my hardware detection utility
tells me that I have Ether Express.

Jin Hwang