Problem with ext2fs and 2048 byte blocks using kernel 2.0.25/26

Oliver Andrich (
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 01:14:33 +0100

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yesterday I installed a 2.0.26 kernel, libc 5.4.13 and gcc and
suddenly I encountered the following behaviour. My newsspool system that is a
seperate partition formated with 2048 byte blocks started to cause kernel
panics cause some shortage while reading a ext2 block were encountered. Sdaly
I can't tell you the exact Kernel Panic text, cause my system halted and I
just had no scrap paper available. I decided to downgrade to 2.0.25 which has
been running quite stable, also downgraded to libc 5.3.12, but I still good
this errors. I formated the partition once under both kernels, but still got
these errors. Now I have formated it using 4096 byte blocks and everything
seems to be ok again. BTW, I also encountered the following; I formated the
hard disk with "mke2fs -b 2048 -c /devhda4" which succeded, checked it with
"e2fsck -f /dev/hda4" and received the error messages I always got during all
checks. Very confusing situation, and I just checked if my hard disk had an
error, and nothing was found.

Well, I know that my bug report is not very expressive but I can only provide
this hint. BTW, I am using a i486, EIDE PIO 4 drives and nothing else that can
be considered fancy.

Bye, Oliver

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