Intel Ether Express Pro/10 drivers

Brent Glines (
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 12:17:06 -0700

I have two systems, a Quantex P-166 and a Gateway 486-33. I compiled
1.3.13 on both systems with essentially the same kernel configurations.
The Intel Ether Express Pro/10 card is recognized on the Quantex
machine, but nothing works for the one on the Gateway. Both cards work
ok on tests under Win95 (grumble). I've also tried compiling the kernel
to load the driver as a module as discussed the the ethernet howto, with
no luck. On the Quantex, I am using loadlin with the option
ether=11,0x210,eth0. These options also work with LILO on the Quantex,
but I can't get LILO to work on the Gateway because my IDE drive has
more than 1024 cylynders (is there a way around this?) I have both
cards configured to use the same interupts and base addresses, so the
same options should work for both. Any suggestions would be most

Brent Glines