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Subject: Re: Anybody having IDE-CD problems with 2.1.10?
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Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 16:59:23 GMT (Erik Andersen) writes:

>Perhaps those who ARE having door-locking problems could take a look at the
>ide-cd driver and the generic cdrom driver and see if they can figure out
>the problem. The files where door-locking problem hunters should look are:


Think it is'nt the generic cdrom driver. I don't see such problems with my
two SCSI drives (nec/teac), but with the IDE cdrom (mitsumi). It's probably
some ide-specific problem. And perfectly reproduceable: rmmod ide-cd,
insmod ide-cd ==> eject button is locked. However, eject by software works
just fine.
BTW: I have a box with a real old BIOS, it does not touch the CD-ROM. Maybe
this is important.


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