Re: arpd causing oops (non-fatal)

Nathan Spande (
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 09:18:36 -0600

This is just an update on my previous post about arpd causing a
non-fatal oops. I have rebuilt my kernel to include only those things
that I am actually using now. So the only odd things in my
configuration are IP Forwarding, arpd, and the fact that I have 2
NE2000 cards. Anyway, I have the forwarding working properly, but
arpd doesn't oops at startup. Now it oopses when I try to telnet to
the host I am forwarding to. I am not sure if it will barf on just
any telnet, or if it needs to be that particular one.

Oh, I tried sending the original message to, but it
kept failing on the lookup (a server failure, it said), so I
eventually killed the retry. Is the entry in MAINTAINERS correct?

Any ideas on fixes or requests for more info welcome.

Nathan Spande