Re: 2.1.1x broke aic7xxx_asm

George Byrkit (
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 08:25:26 -0500

George Byrkit wrote:
> The last version I made that worked was 2.1.12. But of course the
> appletalk stuff didn't work. Not the problem...
> What I saw after applying 2.1.13 was that when I tried to build 2.1.13,
> I got a strange error while aic7xxx_asm was running to process
> aic7xxx.seq into aic7xxx_seq.h. The error reported was roughly:
> 'execvpe() no such file' or something like that.
> I appologize for not having precise text for this posting. It snowed
> and the paper where I wrote it got wet and unreadable on the way to
> work...
> Now, I can't install a previous version of the kernel and get it to
> build; it fails at the same point.
> Regards,
> George Byrkit

I found my own problem: I didn't fall back to booting a pre 2.1.12
kernel where the scripting worked properly.

Then I was able to make aic7xxx_seq.h successfully.

Darn! I'm an adult, but I could have used a 'little warning' in the
patch info that I should/needed to fall back to an earlier kernel to be
able to build a kernel at all!

George Byrkit