SMP in 2.1.x broken

Clemens Huebner - Sun Germany Technical Solution Center - Munich (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 18:05:46 +0100

Hi Folks,

i just got a dual Pentium mainboard and tried to compile and use a 2.1.11 SMP kernel.
However i got a panic in the smp pingpong stack allocation function (can't remember the
name). It tries to allocate (NUM_PROCS-1)*4096 bytes of low memory. For doing so, it first
checks, whether low_mem_start+(NUM_PROCS-1)*4096 is <9f000.
The problem is, that the low mem start given to the alloc is 4096+PAGE_OFFSET, with
PAGE_OFFSET=C0000000. So, this can't work in any way!!!!!

Now i have 2 questions:
- Is someone working on getting this fixed? I didn't really look into the sources enough
to fix it myself.
- What is the last version of the kernel to work properly in SMP?

Thanks Clemens
PS: i did yust subscribe to the list, but it might be better, if you cc: me on replies