Re: News gateway problem

Trevor Johnson (
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 19:04:38 -0800 (PST)

Richard Gooch wrote:
> Albert Cahalan writes:
> > For mail-to-news, I ask that the From:, Reply-To:, and other
> > headers with an email address be changed to have randomly
> > generated addresses such as

This will make it impossible for anyone reading the newsgroup to make
personal replies, unless they can deduce someone's address from a
signature or some other reference. Moreover, the vger lists (linux-kernel
anyway) are archived, so they're available that way without subscribing.

> over a month). Friends, if you can spare a minute, please send a
> "please don't spam" message together with a uuencoded copy of
> /usr/bin/emacs to the follow addresses:

I sent a polite message to, including the
spam with all headers, which is often effective, but they're refusing
Trevor Johnson <>