No sound in 2.1.10

Fritz Ganter (
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 12:23:41 +0100 (MET)

Hello Sir, hello list!

I have here 2.1.10 on an alpha. Sound with Soundblaster 16 is compiled as
module. When I do a insmod sound.o I get following output:

root@jassi misc]# /sbin/insmod sound.o
sound.o: In function Set_mixer_levels':
sound_switch.c(.text+0x27dc): undefined reference to __copy_user'
sound_switch.c(.text+0x27e0): undefined reference to __copy_user'
sound_switch.c(.text+0x281c): undefined reference to __copy_user'
sound_switch.c(.text+0x2820): undefined reference to __copy_user'
sound.o: In function Get_mixer_levels':
sound_switch.c(.text+0x28cc): undefined reference to __copy_user'
sound.o(.text+0x28d0):sound_switch.c: more undefined references to
__copy_user' follow
/usr/tmp/sound314: No such file or directory

2.0.25 works fine.

Any help?

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