Re: Glitch in something :)

Colten Edwards (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 15:38:02 -0600 (CST)

Sorry about the rather vague subject but that's the best I can describe
it. I connect via ppp to my provider and since 2.1.8 have been
experiencing dismal transfer rates on high ports. ie ftp works fine but
dcc with irc clients really blows goats.
#1 SEND sh00p Active 0.013 BitchX-tcl.gz
5.9 ETA 428:22

This is for a 300k file and no other activity other than 2 irc clients
running. These 2 irc clients however are using an unusal amount of CPU.

edwards 1416 63.1 2.4 2120 1524 5 R 15:01 20:06
edwards 2686 40.0 2.2 2040 1448 7 R 15:13 8:16

These same two clients transfering the same size file under earlier
versions of linux used at most 20-30% CPU. (They are using non-blocking io
on send). Nothing other than kernel versions has changed. ie ppp etc. I
did report a problem with the irq values with setserial auto functions and
suggested the fix of removing the auto-irq from the command line to
setserial and replacing with "irq value". For me kernels upto and
including 2.1.10 are a bust.

Colten Edwards