Re: Any work on drivers for TV tuner cards?

Henning Schmiedehausen (
15 Nov 1996 13:45:38 +0100 (Greenie) writes:

>> Is anyone working on drivers for any sort of TV tuner card?
>> Someone I know may get some docs on some of them and may be able to work
>> on writing Linux drivers, and he doesn't want to duplicate work.

>I second this question. Most specifically a viewing or maybe even a
>frame-grab driver for the Hauppauge WinCast Pro/TV. I believe the hardware
>control docs for this are available from the manufacturer.

There is a driver for a simple (very cheap) TV tuner card on Sunsite.
I have such a bugger (about $50) in my PC @ home as cable TV. There is
no PiP, you have either TV picture or video screen, no Frame grabber
or stuff. Just a computer controlled TV. The card was a surplus item,
I'm not sure if you can still buy it. The driver is called
vt-1500something, it was written by some german. The driver is
completely Userspace, no Kernel stuff required.

I like it, the card is nice (though full length, aagh, I had to
insulate one of the voltage regulator coolers on my Tyan Tomcat) but
it is no frame grabber or stuff.


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