Re: 2.0.24: Tulip.c still not working

Matthew Jacob (
Thu, 14 Nov 96 17:15:35 PST

I've mailed Linus and others about this before, but I get no
response. There are two issues that confuse things, apparently.

First, the multicast fix (code after "Now add this frame") seems
to make the auto media detect code get invoked all over again
and causes things to be broken.

Second, v2.1.8 and later seem to have troubles (at least on my
UDB)- but this isn't directly related to the tulip driver- this
happens even with the de4x5 driver on.

I have a patch against the 2.0.24/2.1.7 tulip driver that fixes
some issues (mostly for correctly supporting the PCI stuff
for the Znyx ether arrays and some of the SMC card support),
but I've had to do the gross thing about taking the multicast
patch and enclosing it within #ifndef __alpha__. I will look
at solving this when I have time.

I recommend you try this commenting out as well.
If anyone else knows what gives, enlighten us.

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