Re: Linux & ECC memory

Joel Philip Jaeggli (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 15:23:24 -0800 (PST)

this would be the optiplex gx/pro models and in fact they do have ecc edo
memory as do a couple of hp's they also use dimms instead of simms, so
they're using basically the same memory as a couple of the new
alpha-stations that we have around here. the optiplex gx/pro's are very
very fast...


On Thu, 14 Nov 1996, Kenneth Albanowski wrote:

> I just recently saw an advertisement for a Dell computer with a P6
> motherboard & CPU that includes "64MB EDO RAM with ECC".
> Are there in fact x86 motherboards that support ECC RAM? Can such a
> motherboard provide better error recognition & recovery then a simple
> "parity error"?
> Most importantly, can (does) Linux take advantage of this?
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