Re: IPV6, PPP and aiieeh killing interrupt

Pedro Roque (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 23:20:14 GMT

>>>>> "Alan" == Alan Cox <> writes:

Alan> IP v6 and v4 are quite different and do have different port
Alan> spaces.

Actually, not quite.
You have one TCP and one UDP instance both able to talk via the 2 protocols.
To mess things further one socket that uses the AF_INET6 address family
can talk via both network protocols. Which is quite handy since it
lets you build applications while not caring which protocol you do

For instance two wildcard binds to the same TCP port are not allowed even
if the sockets have different address families.
But you can bind af_inet to * and af_inet6 to <something> ! 0...
as long as <something> doesn't start with 80 0 bits and 16 1 bits which
do identify "mapped-v4" addresses.

Alan> None of the firewall side stuff supports IPv6
Alan> yet. And yes masquerading v4 hosts onto v6 networks and vice
Alan> versa does fall into the "killer app" category if someone
Alan> fancies the challenge

definitivly :-)