Re: PPP and 2.0.24?? problems?

Bob Stanfield (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 02:04:33 -0800

wojtowij wrote:

> I'm having problems using ppp on the 2.0.24 kernel.
> After booting 2.0.24
> (with ppp compiled in, OR built as a module) I try to run setup a
> modem ppp link. I get the "Sorry - this system lacks kernel PPP support"
> message.
> Anyone else having this sort of problem? Did kernel changes break pppd?
> Or am I hallucinating?
> John

I have had the same problem as John, have applied the suggestions of Lo and Xu,
and the problem still persists.

Further, I have all kinds of problems with other modules,

"lpd" "lpq" yields "no daemon present yet two are active? ,
SCSI bus driver,
"gpm" takes hours before I can activate,

Is there something flaky about attaching the modules?

Bob Stanfield