Re: 2.1.9 still don't like gpm

Chris Lo (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 22:11:39 +0800 (HKT)

On Wed, 13 Nov 1996, Herbert Xu wrote:

> Andrew C. Esh wrote:
> >
> > Guys: Is there a general serial problem in 2.1.8 and 2.1.9?
> I'm using 2.1.8 and haven't seen any serial problems
> at all, except that setserial doesn't autoprobe the
> irq's properly. I had to set the irq's manually but
> other than that, it's been fine.

I've the "serial port" problems, I've an old ISA 486DX/50, using
one 16450 and one addon 16550A card. The 16450 is detected fine,
but 16550A now detects as TI16750. I'm now using setserial in rc.serial
to correct the behavior. I'm runing 2.1.9 and modules 2.1.8. The serial
driver is in the kernel, not module.