Re: (Official) High-Sierra documentation?

Alex Kiernan (
13 Nov 1996 09:11:37 GMT

In . Tethys " SYSTEM ADMIN " X <> wrote:

>>Does anybody know where I can find the (maybe official) documentation
>>of the High-Sierra filesystem for cdroms? It's NOT ISO9660.

>Are you sure about this? My understanding was that the High Sierra
>filesystem was the standard filesystem for CD-ROMS when they first
>came out. ISO then adopted it as their standard since it was the
>most widespread FS in use on CD-ROMS. In its formats section, the
>CD-R FAQ ( says:

> ISO 9660
> file layout standard (formerly called High Sierra)


They're very similar, but not identical, same thing goes for CD-I
discs, they're almost ISO9660, but sufficiently different that it
matters (one day I really will get around to making the Linux ISO9660
fs understand them...).


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