Re: time stamp resolution

Rob Hagopian (
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 21:16:23 -0500

>> Then there are UID numbers. The Hurd, BSD, and NT all have large
>> UID support. Some large corperations and universities actually
>> use more than 16-bits worth of UIDs, so compatibility would be good.
>At some point we need to have a flag day, and its probably best we have
>a single libc6, 32bit uid/gid, higher timer resolution, >256 fd flag day
>somewhere before 2.2

32-bit device numbers! I _need_ this! (if there's anything I can do to
further this along, I'm more than willing)

/* Since MINOR(dev) is used as index in static arrays,
the kernel is not quite ready yet for larger minors.
However, everything runs fine with an arbitrary kdev_t type. */

-Rob Hagopian