Re: 2.0.25 - as errors STILL stop compile

Jason Burrell (
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 06:57:17 -0600 (CST)

On Mon, 11 Nov 1996, Lindsay Haisley wrote:

> The very first thing I obtained from sunsite before trying to install the
> binary distribution of gcc was the release file. It is monumentally
> uninformative with regard to what appear to be special installation problems
> particular to the binary distribution. I installed the gcc 2.7.2
> binaries over an earlier version of gcc with no particular problems. The
> binary version, however, I have yet to make work, in spite of
> following directions and doing everything everyone has suggested from this
> forum.
> Is it possible that the mit binary version of gcc differs from the
> sunsite version?

It's possible. I got my from, though, and have had
no problems. At the same time, I also upgraded to libc 5.4.10, and kernel
2.0.21. I've since compiled several kernels, up to 2.0.25, and then to
2.1.8, and a great number of utilities and programs. I've had no problems
at all with it. However, I also wasn't upgrading from another version of
GCC, or even using parts of distributions. I had just reinstalled my
system, and went and got everything individually myself.

I have no idea what version my binutils is, but as is version:

GNU assembler version 2.7 (i486-linux), using BFD version